KORDEL’S E 400 IU d-alpha Tocopheryl acetate 60 capsules (exp 09/24)

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Vitamin E is a powerful scavenger of highly reactive free radicals in our body. Adequate levels of vitamin E are essential to protect our body from oxidative damage. Vitamin E 400IU provides vitamin E in the form of d-alpha tocopherol, the most bioavailable form of this vitamin.

A Potent Antioxidant
As they accumulate, free radicals can destroy cells, leading to degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease. This damage can also bring out the signs of ageing, including wrinkling of the skin, as well as increase one’s susceptibility to illness. Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E can help prevent the onset and progression of these conditions.

Heart Health
Scientific evidence has shown the effectiveness of vitamin E in reducing the risk of heart disease. The Cambridge Heart Antioxidant Study (CHAOS) which had 2000 patients taking 400-800IU of vitamin E daily found that vitamin E reduced the risk of heart attacks by 77%.

Research at the Harvard School of Public Health has also shown reductions in the risk of heart disease among people who consume high doses of vitamin E.

The cardioprotective effects of vitamin E are attributed to its antioxidant properties, i.e. its ability to prevent the oxidation of LDL, which plays an important role in the causation of atherosclerosis. Studies have also shown that oral supplementation of large doses of vitamin E increases the resistance of LDL to oxidation. This is consistent with the Harvard findings that a vitamin E intake far higher than that achievable through diet alone is needed to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin E, being a natural blood thinner, helps to improve blood circulation and prevents blockages in the coronary arteries.

Take 1 capsule daily with meal or as directed by health professionals.


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