Nutriforte FISH OIL DS 1200mg 30’s (Exp 10/24)

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1. Double the strength
Each 1200mg softgel contains 600 mg of highly purified EPA and DHA, which is twice the amount found in standard fish oils.
This means less capsules and less cost for double the protection.

2. Extracted from Small Fishes
Extracted from small fishes such as anchovies and sardine (Atlantic Ocean) to ensure high concentration of omega-3.
Also, small fishes are lower on the food chain and thus have a lower concentration of contaminants.

3. Molecularly Distilled
Goes through minimum 3 steps of purification and concentration at molecular level to remove contaminants.
Every batch is independently tested for lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, PCBs and dioxins content.

4. Superior Absorption
Better absorbed because available in triglycerides form.
Most other fish oils are in the ethyl ester form with less superior absorption.

5. Rancidity tested
Every batch is tested for peroxide value, a test to measure the rancidity reactions in the oils. This ensures that the Omega-3 oils are fresh and not rancid.

6. No fishy aftertaste
Added with natural lemon flavour to mask fishy after taste.

Adults: Take 1 to 2 softgels daily


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