Opsite Post-Op 9.5cm X 8.5cm (Exp: 9/27) (3PCS/BOX)

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Opsite Post-op W.Proof Dressing 3 Sterile Dressings)

High MVTR - The patented REACTIC film has a unique molecular structure making it significantly more permeable to water vapor than ordinary films in the presence of moisture.
Waterproof Film - Patient can shower with the dressing in place.
Bacterial Barrier - Helps protect the site against extrinsic contamination, reducing the risk of infection by bacteria.
Latex-Free Formula - A unique grid pattern adhesive.
Highly-Absorbent Pad - Rapidly absorbs exudate. Allows lateral spread across the pad to maximize absorbency and help reduce the risk of skin maceration.
Low Adherence - The wound contact layer enables exudate to pass through to allow minimal trauma on removal.
Conformable - Comfortable and non-restrictive for the patient.
Round Corners / Thin Film - Reduces occurences of lifting or snag, helping the dressing stay in place longer.

To dress post-operative wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and puncture sites where a waterproof dressing, which aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination, is required.


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