Primes/Aros Adhesive PU Wound Dressing Roll 10cm X 1000cm (Exp: 7/24)

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Aros Adhesive PU Wound Dressing Roll

Aros Dressing Roll is an Adhesive PU dressing retention tape. It is made from soft PU material which is coated with skin friendly adhesive on quick-release backing paper. With Grid pattern printed on the backing paper, it is convenient to cut into preferred sizes and economically use.
▪ To retain gauze and absorbent pads.
▪ To retain post-operative wound dressings.
▪ To secure catheters and drainage tubes.
▪ Waterproof
▪ Securing surgical dressing.
▪ Allow joints to be dressed with greater freedom of movement.
▪ Soft and Breathable.
▪ Comfortable.
▪ Flexible to cut into sizes.

10cm x 1000cm

Instruction for use:
Cut into suitable size with at least 2cm from the edge of the wound dressing is desirable.
Gently stretch the release backing paper in opposite direction to clear perforation,
Peel the release backing paper from the dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.
Position dressing in its place.


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