VITAHEALTH Charge-Up Gustocalm (30 Tablets)

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VitaHealth CHARGE-UP
is a tri-action natural remedy for rapid relief of acid reflux and healing of stomach lining.
Gastro-AD® & GutGard®No side effectsChewable tablets

– Gastro-AD® is a non-GMO soy peptide fermented by Lactobacillus delbrueckii R-187.- Gastro-AD® brings rapid and long-lasting relief of symptoms of heartburn, nausea and gastric pains.- Gastro-AD® provides buffering activity, which reduces stomach acidity, thereby alleviating heartburn and stomach burning sensations.- Gastro-AD® boosts the immune system by reducing inflammation, which helps in the healing of gastric ulceration.- Gastro-AD® inhibit protease from degrading the stomach lining and causing further pain.- GutGard® is a flavonoid-rich extract from deglycyrrhized licorice root.- GutGard® helps balance the gut microbiota by inhibiting opportunistic pathogens without affecting beneficial bacteria and without extensive disturbance to the gastric pH.- GutGard® inhibits the adhesion and growth of H. pylori which can cause peptic ulcers.- GutGard® has been shown to interrupt the inflammatory cascade and possess antioxidant properties.

– Chew 2 tablets 30 minutes, before a meal or right after a meal. Take 1-4 times daily depending on severity.

Gastro-AD® Fermented Soy Peptide, GutGard® Licorice Root Extract

Expiry Date: 08/06/2025


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